USA called the condition of lifting the sanctions against Rosneft

the Diplomatic authority of the United States made it a condition of lifting the sanctions against the oil company (NK) “Rosneft” break its ties with the Venezuelan authorities.

“If any relations between “Rosneft” and the regime of Nicolas Maduro continue, Washington will not lift sanctions”, — said the assistant Deputy state Department on Cuba and Venezuela Carrie Filipetti.

Russian state-owned company previously went out of business in Venezuela. The U.S. believes leader of this country the self-proclaimed President Huang Guido.

meanwhile, on the eve it became known that 9.6% of the shares of NK as part of the deal for the abandonment of assets in Venezuela passed the “daughter” of “Rosneft” — LLC “RN-Netcatalyst”. Thus, the share of Rosneftegaz, through which the government control of NC decreased with the control package of 50% up to just over 40, writes “Interfax”.

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