USA made a new project in the defence budget with a focus on competition with Russia

the U.S. Senate Committee on the armed forces approved a draft defense budget for the 2021 financial year (starts 1 October).

In the project the main focus is on strategic competition with Russia and China. It contains the Declaration that the long-term strategic competition with Russia is a key priority for the defense of the United States and requires additional investment and initiatives to curb.

the bill refers to the extension of the ban on the transfer of Russian missile technology and the integration of the us missile defence system (NMD) with similar systems of China and Russia. In addition, the proposed fully extend the “initiative for deterrence in Europe”, which is directed against Russia and involves additional rotational presence of American military on the continent. Also extended the ban on military cooperation with Russia and any actions that would recognize Russian sovereignty over the Peninsula of Crimea.

the budget, which pledged $740,5 billion, provides for the allocation of the Pentagon’s $636 billion on basic needs and another $25.9 billion will go to programmes in the area of national security through energy. On operations abroad provides $69 billion, and military construction — $8.1 billion.

the Pentagon allocated funds, $44 million is proposed for the development of a vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 and “biotech research”. Another $250 million budgeted for the 2021 fiscal year, are requested to send in military assistance to Ukraine.

the US Defence budget for 2020 fiscal year amounted to $738 billion, which is 3.1% more compared to the budget 2019 fiscal year ($716 billion).

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