USA: North Korea will soon create biological weapons and kill thousands of people

DPRK Authorities develop biological weapons under the guise of combating coronavirus. This version was expressed by the former Deputy head of the Pentagon on nuclear, chemical and biological defense, Andrew Weber.

according to Politico, he believes that Pyongyang has decided to create an experimental vaccine against COVID-19 and in 2021 to turn it into a biological weapon. Weber fears that “tens of thousands of people” may become victims of “relatively small quantity” of hazardous substances.

it is not excluded that North Korea will ask China and the countries of Europe, humanitarian assistance to combat the pandemic.

Recall, neighboring with China, Korea was practically the only country in the world where the assurances of the authorities, there was the problem of the coronavirus. However, on 26 July in the DPRK reported that no infection was suspected from the man who illegally came from South Korea.