This is not Tintin in the land of the Soviets, but almost… apart from a few communists nostalgic for Georges Marchais, and, incidentally, of comrade Stalin, there is greater world to celebrate the ex-soviet homeland. And it is always a little strange to be baited on a hammer and a sickle, well-blunt.

” Reserve your tickets for USSR 1970 at the Théâtre Déjazet on Ticketac

This is a bit of a reproach that we can do this USSR 1970 which is presented to us at the Déjazet. But, we rétorquera-t-on, it is a duty of memory, so that it does not happen again… probably. It is therefore in an apartment community of the old bourgeoisie, where people cram several families. There is the family Papova, who lives in promiscuity all the more disturbing with a communist pure juice, she finally comes to get tickets for leaving to settle in Israel.

And, of course, it takes no time for this soft-top, the comrades in the soviets wanting all at the same time: to know how to get rid of the Jews while being furious that they would want to leave. To the extent that only the man is jewish, the wife and her mom not sinning in haunting the orthodox churches. It is a situation, of course, unbearable. And each one can only be tired of this nonsense totalitarian.

The show, unfortunately, wants to say too much. It chops a piece that could move us with a bit less pathos, with comments to explain to us that life in the USSR – ah bon? – was not gay-gay… With friendly actors, sometimes, especially at the beginning, a little awkward.

● “ USSR 1970″ at the Théâtre Déjazet 41, bd du Temple (Iiird).
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