Uzbeks again forbidden to go out at night because COVID-19

Since July 1, residents of red and yellow quarantine zones (with high risk) of Uzbekistan from 11 PM to 7 am will not be on the streets and in the courtyards of apartment buildings. The rest of the time in public places you can gather with groups of no more than three people, reported IA “Fergana”.

But the major flea markets and shopping centers will be closed on weekends in all regions of the country, except Tashkent, where markets will be closed on sanitary days on schedule.

Also in red and yellow zones number of trips by public transport will be limited on Saturdays and Sundays. Is limited and the time of travel by private vehicles. Weddings allowed the presence of no more than 30 people, and only relatives.

Uzbekistan was successful enough to overcome the invasion of coronavirus. With the start of the pandemic were infected about 8,300 people, has recovered nearly 5,500 have died — 23.

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