Vadim Lukashevich on Statements of Moscow that the investigation of MH17 ignores the Russian data is a lie

Expert, candidate of technical Sciences Vadim Lukashevich openly talked about the fact that he collaborated with an international joint investigation team (JIT) as a witness in the case of MH17. In an interview published on his YouTube channel, Lukashevich also shared his impressions from working with investigators of the JIT. He reminded that earlier the public Prosecutor’s office reported that the bulk of the prosecution witnesses in this case will be in court anonymously because of fears for his life, what “the Russian foreign Ministry reacted very painfully”. “This was the last straw in favor of my decision to openly announce that I collaborated with the international joint investigation team (JIT) as a witness in the case of MH17,” — said Lukashevich In Moscow’s accusations of the address of the investigation team in an attempt to provide “a rough pressure on the court,” Lukashevich told about his impressions from working with investigators of the JIT. “They (investigators) do absolutely nothing that could even indirectly be interpreted as an attempt to influence is not something that is even on the court, and public opinion. When I asked them why they some things do not speak, do not speak, they said clearly that the work of the investigators is a one — way process. They ask the question — the witness answer. All. They did not give away anything that could affect the court, public opinion, etc. In this regard, they are very professional and very meticulous. They sincerely want to know the truth. And the court has stated: the court will continue as long as we can establish the truth. That is, there’s no deadline, it’s not a question of adoption of the amendments to the Constitution, where it is necessary urgently, quickly, fast”, he said. The expert added that the investigation is “very outraged Russian lies”. “They have a different morality, and other standards of conduct, ethics… something That cannot be done or ashamed — they do not. In some ways they seem like small children, from the standpoint of ethical, moral relationship to work,” he said. Statements of the Russian side about what the consequence of ignoring Russian data is wrong. “All we passed to the Dutch, carefully studied and investigated and not the fault of the Dutch that they were largely passed on false information or outright misinformation — said Lukashevich. But those bits of data that correspond to the truth, was perceived with gratitude and attached to case materials. In particular, my testimony, which themselves make a false official statement that our data is ignored”. “Much has been said about the fact that Russia is not involved in the criminal investigation of JIT. This is also true — I am a citizen of Russia, participate in the investigation as a witness, personally fulfilling the undertaken international commitments to provide comprehensive assistance to the investigation in accordance with 2166 th resolution of the UN security Council”, — he said, adding that he was proud of the fact that “at least helped a little truth and justice in the case of MH17”.

Recall that in the Hague on 8 June there resumed court proceedings on the case about the crash of Boeing MH17 in the Donbas in the summer of 2014. As stated at the hearing, the Prosecutor Dedi Voi-A-Tsoi, the public Prosecutor’s office is considering several versions of the tragedy, including an explosion on Board, the attack of a military aircraft, the use of different anti-aircraft rocket launchers. Also, added the Prosecutor, the investigation was conducted on the possible location of launch missiles SAM “Buk”, belonging to both Russia and Ukraine. It was also reported that the investigation in the Netherlands came to the conclusion that the defendants arranged the Donbass system “Buk”, from which the plane was shot down. The Prosecutor Teys Berger in the court of the Hague zhave Avil that was in charge of the operation the Russians Igor Girkin (Strelkov) and Sergey Dubinsky, and their subordinates was a citizen of the Russian Federation Oleg Pulatov and Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko. He said that the proof is in the telephone conversations of the accused. In addition, the Prosecutor stated that the investigation has gathered “direct evidence” of Russian authorities to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine when MH17 crashed. However, the Russian authorities deny any involvement in this terrible event. Airplane flying flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over Donetsk region 17 July 2014. On Board were 298 people, none survived.

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