Valerie Mantle was awarded the Renaudot literary prize Wednesday at the restaurant Drouant, near the Paris Opera, to Sulcus (Babelio). The surprise was general, as his book was not part of the list of nominees. His book, published on the 30th of August, traces the life of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, murdered in 2007 in Istanbul. Over the pages, Valerie Mantle tells herself about her life in the former Constantinople.

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The writer of 33 years is also an editor and journalist. It was part of the drafting of Charlie Hebdo and has worked with the editions Escapees from 2008 to 2013. The year of his departure from the satirical newspaper, Valérie Coat incorporates the Museum of civilisations from Europe and the Mediterranean from Marseille. Meanwhile, she wrote to the editions of The Tripod, peace and Quiet in 2016, then Sulcus two years later. Love from Turkey, where she lives and works between Marseille and Paris, she describes in her works, her daily life in Istanbul, the city of his heart.

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The Tripod

In Sulcus , Valérie Coat conducting an investigation on Hrant Dink. The reporter worked for the newspaper Agos (“The Furrow” in French). In an interview published on the website Babelio, she explained to have been affected by its history. “It may be like France, I would say that Turkey is a country with a literary, where people are attached to their writers, their intellectuals, even if they don’t read them necessarily,” she says. It is true that literature, reading and writing, creates links. It also isolates a lot. And integrate his private life in a book is a dangerous game, I thought so.”

Olivia de Lamberterie has received the Renaudot trial for his book With all my sympathies (Stock) and the Renaudot poche was awarded to Salim Bachi for his book God, Allah, me and the others (Gallimard). Already honored by the Femina, Philippe Lançon has also received a special award for Flap (Gallimard).

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