Varlamov explained why the circulation is not the city of dreams

Urban planner and blogger Ilya Varlamov, who visited Gatchina in the Leningrad region, criticized the whitewashing of trees and new public space. His impressions of the trip he described in a blog in “Live Journal”.

“the First sign of stupidity — whitewashing of trees. Remember, whitewash the trees is not necessary, but if it is practiced, head — incompetent fool,” — said the blogger.

Square, the recently reconstructed around the Central streets of the city, Varlamov fell in love, but he noted that through the tiles and stones already break the weeds, and the boxes damaged. Like the blogger and the main pedestrian street — especially the fact that the trees hide unkempt facades, and beautiful views of the temple.

However, the abundance of fences in the city and “Saloniki” for groups in kindergartens Varlamov is not appreciated.

“it is Better to do some really cool playgrounds for children of different ages and to give everyone an opportunity to play together. And instead of sculpt endless fences, you’d better have Islands at the crossroads”, — said the blogger.

most approval went to the quarter Stalin building, where the road separated by trees and sidewalks, “and the facades are plastic, interesting to explore with natural materials”.

At the same time, a new public space on the Boulevard of Science Varlamov did not like.

“a Few dreary swing — and all. The kids here are bored. They are ready to play with stones and armature. Nothing but smooth asphalt with no lines here… Maybe this space looks good in the pictures from the drone, but to be there not want”, — the blogger summarized.

Earlier Varlamov compared Shushary with Switzerland and called Murino experiment on people.

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