Vasily Golubev: the Key objective of our work is to make the Rostov region a leading region

In the Rostov region held innovative online forum “New challenges. New solutions.”

Grounds for a preliminary discussion were six spaces of collective work “boiling Point” — in Rostov-on-don, Taganrog and Novocherkassk. The task of “boiling point” is to generate ideas aimed at the development of the state and society.

Industry experts and regional Ministers has presented the relevant data and explained where today there are points of socio-economic growth in the context of regional projects.

the Final plenary meeting of the forum was held under the leadership of the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev.

“we have a period of recovery, economic recovery. And we need the anti-crisis emergency measures to move towards long-term development programs. Accordingly, your activity must be closely connected with realization of national projects, as well as the Strategy for socio-economic development of the region till 2030”, — said Vasily Golubev, addressing the participants of the event.

the forum heard a variety of suggestions and ideas — including development initiatives “Effective region”, a pilot which the region has become in the past year. In addition, assessed the prospects of implementing a number of innovative projects and practices — mechanisms of telemedicine, profile of IT-clusters, platforms of learning flexible skills (soft skills) for future professionals for the digital economy.

part of the made in the suggestions forum already embodied in specific instructions to the authorities. In particular, the head of the region charged in a short time to create in Millerovo service center for entrepreneurs “My business”. This will solve the problem of access of representatives of the business community of the Northern districts of the region to the resources of the state. Vasily Golubev also expressed a desire to personally picetit the new center under construction or at the time of commissioning.

in addition, the Governor has paid special attention to the formation of the IT cluster in Taganrog. As noted, the city has great potential for development of high-tech business, including in the field of information technology. To implement it fully, the government was instructed to intensify the work on creation of specialized cluster organizations and support systems in the industry.

Finally received the General approval of the idea to combine digital competitions, hackathons, design sessions and webinars aimed at supporting projects in the field of digitalization, in a single initiative on the basis of competition “Rostov-on-Home. Digital leaders.” The operator of such a single competition program invited to do the don state technical University, possessing the most powerful institutional base and experience in the digital sphere.

“today All the proposed projects are interesting, no one idea should not be abandoned. Was applied and things, and those whose implementation is a more distant prospect. But in any case we understand that the implementation of the regional Strategy-2030 and the implementation of the results of the national projects is impossible without wide introduction of such innovations. And most importantly, such breakthrough ideas create the conditions for our Rostov oblast became a region leader. And this is a key objective of our work, and we have everything we need,” — said the discussions Vasily Golubev.

Initiatives of the forum participants will be taken on Board by the government of the region and will form the basis of the developed strategic documents.

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