everyone chilled festival goers of the 58th Venice Biennale’s eyes were turned to the sky, Wednesday, 8 may. Thick clouds, rain, insistent, umbrellas and bulky plugs terrible the line 1 vaporetto, which returned everyone wet and worn out of the Giardini and the Arsenal to San Marco. Even if it was a little less cold than Tuesday night at the terrace of the Bauer, transformed into a mirage of the sands with emissaries of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the palm trees of red lights, nice mood in eastern and cushions soft for the feast of the Flag of the United Arab Emirates (antipasti veggie, vegetable juice, bellini without prosecco, or mortadella or even a drop of alcohol).

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on Wednesday evening at 21h, the pros of the art, were, despite everything, Pontoon Allalugana San Marco Giardinetti and were heading towards San Giorgio Maggiore, on the other side of the lagoon in front of the Palace of the Doges, for the feast of rigour given by François Pinault in the heart of the intense week of opening of the Biennale. This Breton ” terroir installed royally to Dinard planted again the “Gwenn ha du” breton, white, and black, on the Tip of the Customs (still no French flag).

“stars on the horizon, not even Julie Gayet in companion lonely, yet in 2017 to the left of François Pinault. Change of presidency forces ?”

The monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore was to mix the clothes of the party and the protection of the 1,300 guests to weather conditions in the spring of the mediterranean. The cardboard was small, square, orange. As the cashmeres apricot resting on the backrest of the chairs of the 140 tables of 5, 8 or 10 people (some Italian have stacked layer of four before leaving, loaded, like at Christmas!). Maryvonne Pinault had bet on the white to ward off the bad weather.

Orange is the color of the evening, Francois and Maryvonne Pinault at the Monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore. Valérie Duponchelle

An armada of twenty cooks and 196 masters hotel, including the pros of the pancake, the écaillers of Carnac in marinara brittany, and the family of the kapok tree with her baby, who was preparing the bread of Mont d’or. A row of umbrellas green cypress trees, matching the double row of 45 high cypress trees lined up on the piazza, waiting for them all to return, at nightfall, to the city asleep. To warm the hearts, as at the wedding in Windsor last year for Harry and Meghan, a young choir beautiful voice, stature, and features sculptural, the Soulfull Gospel in chasubles shimmering blue king, which consisted of tableaux vivants in the arches of the cloister and transcended the spirit of the place. Blacks Matters absolutely, this year, at the 58th Venice Biennale. A great French collector listened quietly, yawning, as to the mass.

For the other, ready to party all costs, Chico & the Gypsies of Camargue (35 musicians, 25 guitarists) go to the bottom. The gallery owner american Dominique Levy, best known for yards of the top the small people of the small collectors, began to dance all alone like a queen in New York. This girl well born, the daughter and disciple of the great collectors, has opened last march during ArtBasel hong Kong a new space of 230 m2 in the St. George’s Building with his partner, Brett Gorvy, the man who made billions at Christie’s in contemporary art and who makes posts scholars on the art and poetry on his account Instagram (we have not seen the energetic, eternally smiling in this dense crowd, little identifiable with her outfits of the evening, well hidden under the jackets and capes). This is the trend maximum, urbi et orbi, of the art, launched by the all-powerful Pace Gallery with Arne Glimcher, which will open a new big area of 7000 m2 in Manhattan. The business was also invited.

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Less than glamorous in 2017 for the edition of the 57th Venice Biennale and the offensive theatrical pirate’s Damien Hirst that had been populated by chimeras and false archaeological remains on the cutting Edge of the Customs and the Palazzo Grassi. No François-Henri Pinault, son of FP and its successor, the business remained in New York. No Salma Hayek either, his wife, the actress mexican-lebanese, and small bomb latino irresistible (she was a Frida heart-wrenching, with its monosourcil but without the whiskers, in the film by Julie Taymor in 2002). And therefore not his little procession of beautiful creatures Made in Hollywood to chic glam. Little stars on the horizon, not even Julie Gayet in companion lonely, yet in 2017 to the left of François Pinault. Change of presidency, forces?

Humour, conceptual

Back to the artists in this year which set the bar high on the side of the intellectuals and scholars with “Luc Tuymans” at the Palazzo Grassi in venice (curator Caroline Bourgeois) and “Luogo e Segni” at the Forefront of the Customs (commissioners Martin Béthenod, director of the Pinault Collection in Venice, and the beautiful Moroccan Mouna Mekouar). In the ranks, Adel Abdessemed, artist, uppercuts visual that has ignited the debates at the MacLyon the last year, and came up with Julie, his muse, wife, mother of his five children (4 boys, one girl) and as thin as a liana.

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Bertrand Lavier who is way out of all his humor conceptual to the Hotel Bristol in Paris, and who at the feast in the blood, cheerful bourguignon adoption. Jean-Michel Othoniel, the man of the wonderful braided beads multi-colored to the Metro, Royal Palace, and has just launched “Alpha” at the foot of the National Museum of Qatar of Doha, 114 sculptures in fountains of black beads which the jets evoke an Arabic calligraphy voluntarily without a specific message, diplomacy and geopolitical force.

“The artist Laure Prouvost, rider charm, a little grunge, had adorned his coat sublime Chanel real branches of dried seaweed black.”

Pierre Yovanovitch, Designer of the Year award in march, 2019, who designed the hotel particular huge on the Esplanade des Invalides Jean Madar, one of the founders of Interparfums, the master of the delivery to the general public until the duty free of the world. The one who will expose the Polish artist, Berlin, Alicja Kwade, in July, in his castle of Haut Var, shared the table of Jean-Jacques Aillagon, former minister of Culture, former president of the palace of Versailles, advisor of François Pinault and great manitou of the project of the Exchange to Trade which is due to open in Paris, two not the Louvre and the flight of a bird from the Musée d’orsay and the Centre Pompidou, in the spring of 2020.

Man in a hurry,Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the architect of the rehabilitation of the hotel Lutetia Paris left bank, a pillar of Venice, where he has his foundation for architecture. At first sight, not of Jean de Loisy, ex-president of the Palais de Tokyo, or sir Anish Kapoor, the artist of Dirty Corner to the palace of Versailles in 2015, and secret lovers of the palace of Venice, yet two large regulars.

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Fortunately, the youth was there. Laure Prouvost, appearance a lot more a teenager that his young forty years, our champion for the 58th Biennial of Venice, savor its official day. Act one, visit his pavilion between Demolition Party and the Foam of The days , which restores the poetry that is eclectic in the road movie.

Act II, lunch on the terrace Paradiso at the entrance of the Giardini around Franck Riester, the minister of Culture, Christian Masset, our ambassador in Rome, Peter Buhler director of the French Institute, and Andrea d Avack, delicious Roman London and chairman of the foundation, Chanel including the French pavilion is the first sponsorship in Venice (officially 600.000 euros to the private sector, with 600,000 to the public, at par, unofficially 1.6 million euros if one takes into account all the productions of adjacent). The artist, cavalier, charming, a little grunge, had adorned his coat sublime Chanel real branches of dried seaweed black.

Act III, this cheeky, full of pep and natural has recurred at the inauguration of the French pavilion, Wednesday, may 8 at 17h by depositing the same algae on the costume ensured of the minister box accessible, of the time when he was mayor, has supported the installation of the Mills Continued near Coulommiers (nice speech, noted the “meeting”).

Diving in the lagoon

Sitting as a student in an arch of the cloisters of this magnificent monastery, Laure Prouvost, relished “the cool” his hour of glory. “This is a once in a lifetime that this happens, that!”. Husband, children, parents came to see what was busy day and night for three months. This videographer is not afraid of anything. For the cover of Number Art , Thibaut Wychowanok, its young editor-in-chief as handsome as a picture the metro urban convinced her to dive in February in the freezing water of the lagoon. Since Tuesday morning, the artist born to Cross in 1978, at the gates of Lille, does not cease to feed the buzz is incredibly positive, a spontaneous fact rare for a French flag.

After the opening, the director of the Tate, Maria Balshaw, jacket and sneakers in gold, left the british flag, rushing behind the building and enter like everyone else by the sub-soil (Laure Prouvost, dig a tunnel between the pavilions of the French and English, a symbolic way to unite or to erase the nations). Plugs and tail almost immediate (1 to 2 hours, a record this year), the index of a candidate brought by the rumor to the Golden Lion.

“A real breath of fresh air, a universe, an emotion”

Nicholas Logsdail, founder and director of the Lisson Gallery about Laure Prouvost

In the hall of the French Pavilion at the soft ground like an octopus, on the armchair in the shape of a throne craft in two places (tribute in the Palace of the facteur Cheval), the conceptual artist Sophie Calle took all his ease and enjoyed a royally the film to the rhythm set by the music.

Sophie Calle spent a long time in front of the road movie by Laure Prouvost at the French Pavilion. Valérie Duponchelle

Very few negative reviews, unless a major international artist who was that “it was the same language as bad as Cathy Wilkes in the Clubhouse English” or the financier Edouard Carmignac, who “love the tapestries of Laure Prouvost, the less his videos that (the) disturb” (his gallerist in Paris and Brussels and supporter of the first hour, Nathalie Obadia, is inundated with requests). Béatrice Salmon, deputy director in charge of plastic arts, rue de Valois, or Peggy Leboeuf, director of galerie Perrotin, New York, came out upset of the 28 mn of emotions and images that collide.

The ground glass of the French Pavilion, where the debris of the consumption become of the poor remains. Valérie Duponchelle

Act IV, this evening with the formal dinner “Deep See Blue,” organized by its three galleries, the british Lisson Gallery, the Parisian Nathalie Obadia and the Berlin Carlier/Gebauer in the cloister of the Chiesetta della Misericordia on the Campo of the Abazia. Guy Duplat, a tireless chronicler of La Libre Belgique , claimed that without laughing as “almost belgian” because,”she lives in Belgium, according to the modalities of the belgian system, which is based on the place of residence and not the nationality, it would have been entitled in the belgian pavilion”.

“A real breath of fresh air, a universe, an emotion”, was of few words, in true English, Nicholas Logsdail, founder and director of the Lisson Gallery, which represents for the United States and Great Britain (a former pupil of St. Martins School and Goldsmith College of London is very pleasing to the islanders).

Young mother, healthy as a surfer, Laure Prouvost has “stopped smoking”, has “stood for all the editing”, which was epic with his set design subtly devastated. But did not say no to the “cig california” that he has artfully prepared the artist Neil Belufa including the installation video on the military of the world sits at the end of the course at the Arsenal. Beaux arts, beaux arts, when you hold us…