Gong Li is the star of the day at the Lido. Best performance prize in Venice in 1992 for the Qiu Ju , the story of a chinese woman, Zhang Yimou, she runs through the generations in a sovereign and unchangeable. A long time muse of Zhang Yimou, filmmaker official of the fifth generation, she is back this year with a representative of the sixth generation, Lou Ye.

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The director of Suzhou River and A chinese youth brings in the competition of the Mostra Saturday fiction an historical drama of war and espionage. Gong Li plays a actress famous who arrives in Shanghai at the beginning of December 1941 to play a piece of theatre staged by her lover, and settled in a palace in the French concession. It is that it is not only an actress, but also a spy, and as the Cathay hotel, away from the occupying japanese, is a HEADQUARTERS of the intelligence ally.

The story, inspired by a novel of Yin Hong, interweaves romantic relationships, rehearsals in the theatre and secret missions in a long melodrama to arabesques complicated. So far rather focused on contemporary topics in marginalisme black, Lou Ye tries to be another form of directing, but his film feels a little too copy.

To time, a film in black and white confused, and effects of film noir stereotypes. One rushes into cars with tinted windows dripping rain, there follows a confession sentimental behind a mirror without silvering. The tape recorder is jammed to the time when Gong Li is going to discover the meaning of a word encrypted. Of course we will not reveal to the readers gathering the code japanese (it comes to change, there has been a update in a scene from the beginning). But those to which the month of December 1941 says something have any opportunity to imagine that history could have taken another course…

Encyclopedia of 25 hours

another event was held at the Lido the authorities of the city of the doges. The patriarch of Venice Francesco Moraglio and the mayor Luigi Brugnaro came to attend the first presentation of the Video catechism of the catholic Church , group production Crossinmedia. A vast encyclopedia of 25 hours, 46 episodes, filmed in 70 countries, carried out by Gjon Kolndrekaj, the Italian original of kosovo, which has signed a number of documentaries including Mother Teresa and Matteo Ricci. “It is a work that is fundamental to the education of children and young people”, declared the mayor of Venice, by announcing that the municipality would buy the film to put at the disposal of the public, as “a contribution to the citizenship”.