Update of 29. October: On your latest Post on Instagram Verona Pooth (50) is shown along with son Rocco. The seven-year-old will walk at a fashion show for Designer Philipp Plein on the Catwalk. “Backstage with Mamita,” wrote the advertising icon to the photo. However, a completely different Detail on the image is for your followers to talk about. Because on the picture of the 50 slips-Year-old, apparently the right breast of her black-and-white dotted dress.

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Backstage with Mamita… getting ready for the show #tb @Philipp plein official @Philipp plein kids #vienna see you later roccolito

A post shared from VERONA (@verona.pooth) on Oct 29, 2018 at 3:10 PM PDT

“nipple alert”, comment on a lot of Fans. “Very nice photos, but the photo is not taken care of as the nipple comes to the fore,” wrote another Follower. “Ouch what the blazes because Verona” is to be read in another comment.

Verona itself is surprised: “OMG… that’s just the light, everything is good …”, she tries to defuse the speculation. But some Followers don’t buy her. Hard words to find this User: “(…) except for your nipples to be present in a pic with your beloved son – how pathetic your attention need you have to deal???” Similarly, this comment: “(…) and then your son is ashamed of it bit I would me (…)”.

Verona Pooth post image, the almost only from your Breasts is

Malibu – Verona Pooth, it can be on the beach in the holidays just to have a good time. Your Followers holds the 50-Year-old photos on your Instagram Account up to date. This Verona Pooth is presented also without clothes. And this is what their Fans well. No question, the presenter has a dream body. For this, they conceded regularly praise and compliments.

With a current Post from the holiday, the brunette splits just your following.

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After a rather innocent family photos from your beach vacation, Verona Pooth much applause, after the 50-Year-old with a hot Selfie. But the subject raises a number of questions: On the neck, Breasts, abdomen and Bikini. An Arm on the bottom of the image seems to hold the camera.

This selection. “Pretty face” or “Beautiful eyes”, joking some immediately. However, some reactions are very fierce: “I love your Breasts,” “You hot device” and “good melons and Body” is to be read in the comments.

A user writes: “love is Verona, you’re the Hammer. I admire you and what you have created. But to see, please shoot photos of your pretty face, so I must not have photographed to explain to my daughter why are you only in your breast and you should not do that, please …“

A post shared from VERONA (@verona.pooth) on Aug 9, 2018 at 2:39 PM PDT

Verona Pooth led to a series of vacation photos

The presenter enchants with other vacation photos. Together with son Rocco by the Hand, and splashes the pretty brunette in the Pacific ocean in Malibu. While the Little one seems to enjoy his summer holidays and left out rages, shines Verona, especially by their appearance. In a black Bikini by Louis Vuitton, and hair pinned up the Two-mom, shines in the camera.

Verona Pooth provides your Fans in the holiday with permissive photos

Fans will, however, pay attention only to one Detail: on the dream body of the 50-Year-old. With your generous holiday Post it’s hailing of Fans to a series of positive Feedback. “Madness, with 50zig look like 25zig”, “God, you’re beautiful” and “Top figure” comment many Followers. With all the praise, many doubt the authenticity of the photos: “this product has but also someone more slender. Let’s see a photo without various filters and the photo is already a bit longer ago or that?” to remember some of the User.

Having fun in the amazing water #malibu

shared A post by VERONA (@verona.pooth) on Aug 6, 2018 at 10:52 PM PDT

To the authenticity of your photos expression, the Ex of Dieter Bohlen in the days of their leave their Fans with a revealing snap shots. On all of the power of the 50-Year-old one, without exception, perfect figure. And also User can find: “You look great in the Bikini! And pure holiday feeling!“

game Cathy Hummels posting lately, increasingly revealing pictures of themselves.

Cool! This Shooting splits Fans of:Vanessa may, this down-without-a photo too far, as extratipp.com* reported.

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