She held his promise. Véronique Sanson will celebrate the April 24, his 70th spring on stage. The treatment of his cancerous tumor takes place much as it has assured our colleagues from France 2 last weekend. Decidedly ragaillardie, it has granted another interview to RTL Monday, December 17, during which it has not hesitated to comment on the news and in particular the ideas of the movement of the yellow vests.

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The creator of Love remains is clearly not insensitive to the concerns of the yellow vests. At the microphone of Marc-Olivier Fogiel, it expressed its understanding of this grassroots movement: “I think that they are right. Their demands are totally justified. There is a gap that is widening more and more. There’s too much social injustice. People are unhappy, they can not finish their months… I’ve seen a lot of stories that to me were enormously affected, moved.”

Véronique Sanson wants to reconcile ecology and the yellow vests

A little after, the singer points the finger at the tax too that would have broke the camel’s back of discontent: “The gas tax that was the drop of water but a lot of things came: seniors who do not receive the pension that they should touch and who must return to work.”

ignoring any contradiction, Véronique Sanson, do not despair no more of marrying the contrary: “When we had the Walk for the ecology, I had hoped that the yellow vests to join the movement because our planet is dying.” The singer, like the president Macron, would at once solve the problems of end-of-month and end of the world?… Maybe. In any case a task of a visionary and titan, which does not seem to frighten him.

Véronique Sanson found that “the yellow vests have perfectly reason”

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