“don’t worry, the treatments went well, and prognoses medical are nice but I still need a few weeks rest.” Véronique Sanson has been keen to reassure his fans, via his account in Facebook, worried after the announcement of the cancellation for medical reasons of the eleven concerts that she had to give in the end of the year. The creator of Love must follow the advice of her doctors have prescribed a convalescence of three months after the radiation treatment she took in October to treat his throat cancer.

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Véronique Sanson, invigorated by the optimistic forecasts of doctors, only think about one thing only: to celebrate its 70th anniversary on stage with his audience. A little later, in his letter posted on the social network, she expresses it with all the strength and determination that characterizes it: “Much to tell you that I have the heart of 1,000 pieces and above all I AM ANGRY (according to the spelling desired by the artist, ED), but I don’T WANT to present myself on stage in front of you before you have recovered all the energy that you would expect, and that you make me feel always so good.”

At the conclusion of his message, the eternal Love of the French song fixed the exact date of his comeback on stage. This will be the April 24, 2019, the day it will blow out the 70 candles on his birthday cake: “Then I will see you in the spring: I bloody want to celebrate with you my birthday by the numbers all round singing, and singing well, with your eyes, your hands, your smiles. I pride foolish to believe that you will wait for me and that you will be at the rendez-vous! I will give you p’tites new from time to time. Take care of yourself. I love you. Oh and I almost forgot! A huge thank you for all your messages, kisses and winks that I warm up the heart. Indestructiblement, your Veronica.”

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