Verzilov said on his arrest in Moscow

the Publisher of “media zones” and the activist punk band Pussy Riot, Pyotr Verzilov said on his new arrest.

In his Twitter he said that he was detained after leaving the air of “Echo of Moscow”. According to Verzilova, the staff of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation taking him to the search.

Going on paratransit SK with investigators of Department on especially important issues with great speed past the Kremlin on the SIXTH search. I do not remember in the modern history of Russia the scale of consecutive — every day, day after day! — searches devoted to one person. Yes, as you can!

Petr Verzilov (@gruppa_voina) July 8, 2020

Earlier Verzilova was detained in late June for questioning as a witness in the “Moscow business”. Then the door to his apartment was broken with a sledgehammer.

After questioning Verzilova was arrested for 15 days.

recently, the media reported that against Verzilova filed a case on charges of failure to inform about the second citizenship.

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