Veterans of the Afghan war want to deal with Kirkorov for the movie commando

veterans of the Afghan war outraged “trick” pop singer Philip Kirkorov, published in his Instagram a comic movie with a paratrooper.

Military is not going to write complaints, but ready to deal with Kirkorov at a meeting of manly. This “360” Deputy Chairman of the Central Board of veterans of Afghanistan (RSVA) Vladimir Koshelev.

“This is not the first trick. These guys climb and climb something arise. It can no longer be tolerated. Meet me — I’m gonna kick him where he deserves,” says Koshelev, adding that “enough Lisp”.

he added that He will not tolerate abuse of military symbols.

Note that Kirkorov became the object of harsh criticism after posting to Instagram a roller in the form of a paratrooper. So, the Deputy of the state Duma, the former commander of airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov Kirkorov demanded an apology for the video.

in addition, the Network appeared a petition calling to deprive Philip Kirkorov the title of people’s artist of Russia.

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