In 1986, at the time of find an author-composer who could trouser a credits song to the first season of the Restos du cœur, Coluche had appealed to the most “bankable” of them all, Jean-Jacques Goldman. The song quickly became the anthem of the launch operation of a device, which continues to provide meals to the needy.

Three decades later, Vianney is the French singer of the most popular of our time. It has today made its copy with a new title, On track . A song choir, in which we recognize the voice familiar to singers as popular as a Soprano, Zazie, Kendji Girac, Patrick Bruel, Nolwenn Leroy or Patrick Fiori.

It has long been known that artistic ambition and good intentions rarely make good household. On track is no exception to the rule, but its melody is catchy is expected to bring in funds to the association, which is the most beautiful goal.

On the other hand, the singer does not wish to join the troupe that travelled across France for several weeks, like every year. It remains this faithful to the position which is hers since it was asked for the first time to integrate the band of the Enfoirés. “Their last song was still not top, but obviously it has helped to raise record amounts. I can not criticize the purpose, but a cause does not justify anything”, and justified it in an interview with Metronews.