Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg: a Pandemic is not a force majeure, the city will continue to pay a

Pandemic coronavirus is not a force majeure event for the city. This was stated by Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Eduard Batanov, speaking before deputies of Legislative Assembly with the report on the execution of the city budget for 2019.

the Question, is the spread of coronavirus infection force majeure, the Vice-Governor asked Deputy Mikhail Amosov. The MP asked whether it would be fair in such a difficult time to reduce payments to the city “Metrostroj”, which can not cope with the tasks.

“I don’t believe the coronavirus force majeure. In General, the most affected sector is that of budget, we are in debt and do not occupy in order to build, and to make social benefits, — said Batanov. — True one — to honestly meet their obligations. Remind, in 1998 the city debt was regularly serviced, as in 2004, in 2008 and 2009. Not even a day past due!”

the Vice-Governor drew attention to the fact that the funds for the year 2020 for the construction of metro adjusted according to how much you’re willing to learn CRTI. Later Batanov said that the problem of the development of the subway — the lack of Federal funding, and that, in his opinion, “the patient history”.

“a Lot of questions to design quality. You can write satires,” — said Vice-Governor and added that the financing of the krasnoselsko-Kalininskaya line was reduced, and part of the funds sent for the construction of a metro station in Kudrovo.

Recall the last time a new subway station in St. Petersburg opened in October last year. 3 Oct passengers took the “Danube”, “Prospect of Glory” and “Shushary”. In February of this year it was reported that in the next 5 years in St. Petersburg will begin work 7 metro stations.

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