“Because it is our project!” In 2017, a merry band of fans of video games had impressed everyone by winning the time of a weekend, 510.000 euros for the victims of hurricane Irma. Emmanuel Macron, not angry to see his campaign speech diverted rallying cry, had welcomed on Twitter the team Z Event. Better, the boss of the French Red Cross, Jean-Jacques Eledjam had gone to thank her in person. And so what if the septuagenarian seemed a little lost in the middle of these millennials rather coo coo gathered at the bottom of a cellar in Montpellier.

A year later, Zerator, and his friends gathered this weekend for a new marathon of video games. And they have done better, much better: close to 1.1 million euros has been collected from their public, this time to the NGO Doctors without borders. And their tears of joy were pleased to see Sunday.

A competitive environment

All are “streamers” or “casters”, game players …

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