It was enough to Jamel Debbouze to tell the story of a wild chase between a van, pancakes and the local police force so that it is put in the pocket what “the people breton,” who came in droves to won’t want to miss the inaugural day of these Old Ploughs 2019. Ecstatic after having poured out his usual torrent of “gates”, the one that is renamed “Debbouzec” has not hesitated to share his joy and his astonishment at the fervour of the public. “I remember all my life. I didn’t know at the beginning, I was sure to play in a barn and that this would not be a ‘phew’. I arrived and there 50,000 people in front of me. I sent, I spent an amazing time and I even gave that day my real family name: Debbouzec!”.

spectators hidden for a great carnival

The famous music festival in Carhaix, the capital of the Poher in Cornwall, has now opened its doors yesterday, Thursday 18 July, with the show of the inimitable comedian, and the concerts of rappers Vald and Booba and alternative rock band of the belgian Balthazar. All very expected by some 55,000 spectators, often hidden or disguised, the enthusiasm confused artists and the public has given this 28th day like a carnival. Jamel, who had been the first comedian 12 years ago to produce, was revisited in the early evening his show It’s now or never to the sauce, Vieilles Charrues, with a DJ.

And, of course, as tradition demands, the kick-off of the first festival of France will have been given by the inevitable “pulling of ploughs” of the elect of thought and of the patrons of this event, which had been the original desire of revival of this Britain in the throes, at that time, economic hardship. Little after 19 hours, the Old Ploughs have received the visit of the minister of Culture, Franck Riester, who came to the exchange with some of the 7150 volunteers before going then to the meeting of artists.

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The first day of the festival, which is held until Sunday in a vast plain of almost 11 hectares, equivalent to 15 football fields, began with Vald on the main stage, the scène Glenmor, in front of tens of thousands of festival-goers already heated to a white. Then Booba, bare-chested under his red shirt, bottle of whiskey in hand, took over with his rap autotune and under testosterone. In Britain, as elsewhere, the one that holds the top of the charts in French for the past several years has delighted her many fans with her hits OKLM , Scarface and has dedicated a title to the “yellow vests”.

Before him, another rapper, Vald, will have already put a hot atmosphere on the big stage with titles such as B onjour , Eurotrap or out of tune , known by heart by this same public, quite spoiled by the programming of this inaugural day, which was also Columbine.

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A first day that would not display complete

On the scene Kerouac, enlarged this year, has resonated in the early evening voice at the Italian Zazie, before leaving the place the funk of Nile Rodgers and Chic, with global hits such as Good Times or The Freak . Techno has ended the evening with the set energetic of the Berlin-based Paul Kalkbrenner.

A plethora of other artists to the fashion should occur the next few days. The mad about music will be able to enjoy Iggy Pop, Tears for Fears, Christine and the Queens, Martin Garrix, Aya Nakamura, Black Eyed Peas, Ben Harper, David Guetta, Jane Added, or Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine and Boulevard des Airs.

For its 28th edition, “the festival does not show completely full,” said its managing director Jerome Tréhorel. “Approximately 55,000 people (of which 40,000 to pay) are present this Thursday. In contrast, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we’re full” (70.000 per night, of which 55,000 were paid), he said. The 27th edition of the festival, to sold, had attracted over 280,000 people. The organizers do not despair, to beat this record.

Jamel Debbouze at the Vieilles Charrues 2019