Spanish politics and intrigue of Middle-Earth do not make good bedfellows. This is affirmed by the actor Viggo Mortensen, in response to a tweet provocative in the extreme-right party Vox on April 28, the day of the general elections in Spain.

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Vox has published on the social network an image away from the film adaptation of the saga of the Lord of the Rings of Tolkien’s. At the centre, the character of Aragorn wielding a sword, threatening to attack the massive army of the orcs of Sauron. A picture that the party uses to his account, placing its own logo on the player, and covering the orcs of the symbols LGBT, feminists, communists, anarchists, as well as flags of catalonia and logos of the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais .

The tweet was accompanied by the caption “let the battle begin!” and the hashtag “Spain”, in référenceau rallying cry “For Frodo” (spoken by the warrior in the third film adapted from the work of Tolkien, the Return of The King , as he prepares to start against the orcs. A symbolic thinly veiled for the far-right party, which garnered 24 seats out of 350 in the Spanish Congress of deputies after the election.

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Interprets the character of Aragorn in the trilogy of Peter Jackson, Viggo Mortensen has not failed to respond. In a column published by El Pais , the actor considers that it “must be very ignorant to think that the use of the character of Aragorn, in order to promote the election campaign of a party of xenophobic right-wing as Vox, would be a good idea”. According to him, “it is ridiculous to use Aragorn, a man of State, a polyglot who advocates the knowledge and the inclusion of different races, customs, and languages of Middle-Earth, to legitimize a political group of anti-immigrants, antiféministes and islamophobic”.

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Viggo Mortensen himself is a supporter of multiculturalism. Born in New York, raised in Argentina and living in Madrid, he speaks fluent French, Spanish and Danish in addition to English. It can also engage in a conversation in Italian, and understands Norwegian and Swedish. In 2017, it has ruled in favour of a self-determination referendum in Catalonia. Bitter, the actor has completed his tribune by recalling “that the party came to the Congress with 24 seats. This is not a joke, and that we must be attentive and proactive, as Aragorn”, he concluded. Viggo Mortensen has not pushed more forward in comparison with the Lord of The rings but we feel that as Gandalf, he would like to shout out to the activists of the Vox : “You will not pass!”