We very much like Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus. For his art of actor. Since a few years, he wrote for the theatre. After My friend, Louis , not composed for the stage, at the outset, he gave a small masterpiece with a Couple , that he himself has interpreted, several seasons during, with Anne Benoit. We waited therefore with benevolence Vigil family .

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Sadly, it flounders in the conventions. Two brothers and a sister meet in the kitchen of their mother while she is dying in his room. In the theatre, it takes more than the reality. It is necessary to filter and transmute. Write, it is transformed, not copied. It is necessary to avoid the dialogue too mundane. It is really sad in front of the level of language very bottom of this room and all that goes with it. Scenery, costumes, why must it be so ugly? Because these brothers and this sister is from a modest background?

The immense interpreter that is Dominique Reymond does not have large-thing to play. Stéphane Roger is friendly. Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus does not give the feeling of believing what he has written and it is never moved…

Vigil family at the Théâtre du Rond-Point 2 bis, avenue Franklin-Roosevelt (Eighth).
Hours: of the mar. at the sam. at 21 h , the sun. at 15: 30. Up: 7 April. Duration: 1: 20 pm.
Seating: from 16 to 31 €. Tel.: 01 44 95 98 21.