For all those who follow him, from near or far, at the cinema or on social networks, Vincent Cassel vehicle, 52-year-old image of a free man. Able to jump from one genre film to another with the agility of a dancer, Black Swan , the former student of the circus school has also shown that he could send flying the do-gooders espousing a model of 21 years, Tina Kunakey, he loves madly, for three years.

And no wonder, that after Mesrine – and the more discreet. A moment of delusion – Jean-François Richet has recalled her favorite actor to make him wear the hat (top of form) of another fugitive famous: Eugène-François Vidocq. The unfortunate mania, that was “the Emperor of Paris” of escape of the convict – there are 29! – under the reign of Napoleon and his charm were qualities that the actor could pick up.

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Installed cross-legged on a sofa in the …

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