“He’s Mr. Everybody, he’s not sick, it’s extremely disturbing,” explained Dr. Paul Bensussan before the North Assize Court, where Dino Scala has been on trial for more than two weeks for thirty years of rapes, sexual assaults or attempts committed on 56 victims.

“The arousal factor is aggression, it is she who makes him erect”, underlined the psychiatrist expert, pointing to the role of the victim’s fear, of his domination to characterize a ” sexual sadism”.

The sex life of the accused, apart from the facts for which he is on trial, is on the contrary characterized by “a mixture of poverty and conformity”, a lack of imagination and low investment.

By a mechanism of “watertight partitioning between two facets of his personality”, Mr. Scala felt guilt after his acting out, but in a “very stealthy” way.

“When he turned off the engine of the car on arriving at work, it was over, he no longer thought about it”, noted the expert, believing that the speed with which he evacuated the guilt was akin to “denial reality”.

The man, now 61, retained “a very good image of him”, that of “someone good, helpful, a good father”.

Experiencing a “breast fetish”, he objectified to his victims, usually attacked from behind, who remained faceless to him.

Dr Bensussan insisted on the anger felt by the accused “against the most important women of his life”, his mother and his two successive wives.

With his mother, “he always felt unloved by the siblings”, describing her “at best as inaffective, at worst as abusive”.

But beyond this factor, the psychiatrist also considers that faced with a “sex life to perish of boredom”, he could have found in these attacks an “addictive” intensity.

Dino Scala faces 20 years in prison. The verdict is expected Friday.