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at the scene of Avignon

Omar Porras tells the story of his life, his childhood in Colombia, the son of peasants-illiterate, which eventually engage in the army before moving to Paris in 1985, and discovered the theatre. This is not sad. Ariane Catton-Balabeau

“Mystical”. Jacques Weber has no other words to describe the atmosphere of the festival d’avignon. There, since the 4th of July and until the 23rd , actors and spectators share in the honor court of the Palace of the popes, in the chapel, carthusian monasteries, and other cloisters of the city. To the side of the forty performances of the official program of the festival alternative of Avignon, said to be “off”, this 1500 parts. Le Figaro has selected seventeen nuggets. The enchanting Harlequin servant of two masters of Goldoni transposed in the Twentieth The Turing Machine , in a blaze of success in Paris this year. In The Dream of a ridiculous man , …

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