Virologist: Studies show that the coronavirus is weakened

Scientific studies show that the coronavirus is weakened, RIA “Novosti” with reference to the rector of Milan University, Virology Massimo Clementi. According to him, it gives hope that the second major wave of the pandemic in the fall will be.

As told by Clementi in may, Italian doctors noted that the severity of illness of hospitalized patients is reduced, decreasing the percentage of patients who require intensive care, and an increasing proportion of those who are only treatment at home. The study of medical data of patients hospitalized in early March and in late may, showed that the viral load (measure of the severity of a viral infection) in the initial stage of the epidemic was ten times higher than at the end of may.

according to the scientist, this may mean that the virus is “adapted” to the human body and weakens. According to him, the data coming from a number of countries at different stages of the epidemic, confirmed this hypothesis.

Clementi suggested that the virus could soon weaken to the point that “like other coronaviruses, will cause only a trivial respiratory illness.” In this case, the fall of the recurrence of a pandemic may not occur.

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