Bianca Argimon, 30 years old, is a young woman with long and brown, that seems quite wise. However, his universe is more subversive than it seems. This Franco-Spanish born in Belgium, lived in London and in the United States after his graduation at the Beaux-Arts of Paris – pointe through our company in its globalization. The starting point of his exhibition, “By anomie”, is a philosophical concept “at a time when the company loses the foot, where it all starts to go wrong”, she explains. Bianca Argimon, in his paintings and drawings in pencil, red and blue of a world that recycles the images as fast as the technology lapse. The acceleration thus caused leads to a general malaise.

Through the humor, it creates frescoes – inspired by the Melencolia of Dürer, in particular, where everything becomes playful. The drone replaces the bald-mouse, the dog becomes a robot, the pixels hide the face of the central character… The artist also performs a game of minesweeper on a mat, and a Scrabble in English to highlight the impoverishment of the vocabulary of tweets. A state of affairs very caustic.

Find yourself with Immersive 3D tour of this exhibition.

Galerie Mansart 5, rue Payenne (Iii)
Tel.: 09 52 48 86 08
Hours: of the sea. the dim. 13 h to 19 h
Until 16 June.