In Java, the art invests and explores all the challenges of an asian company that a rich profusion of religious (6 religions practiced in a country 98 % muslim) feeds.

Adhya Ranadireksa for example, is concerned about the rise of radical Islam in his country by reinterpreting these covers of Tintin (the hero reporter is particularly well-known in Indonesia!). “We walked on the moon,” thus becomes: “We walked on the moon and the star”, in reference to the party of the moon and the star, the islamic party of indonesia. Another artist launches a télévangelisme, on the model of the imams each other very followed, in which he tries to explain the consequences of the Shari’a in the Art.

A painful colonial legacy

When Muhamad Ucup Yusuf creates a timeline in the four engravings of the story of Indonesia occupied by the Dutch from the Sixteenth century, Maharani Mancanagara follows in the tradition of puppet shadow, creating its contemporary characters that the military never leave. Saleh Husein, and Mella Jaarsma have them work around the export of ginger and tea. Two food issues of trade, financial and religious who still maintain today the country in a dependent relationship vis-à-vis the West.

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