In the framework of its six-month residency at the manufacture de lunetterie de Thélios in Northern Italy, Marion Verboom has learned how to use the acetate. Surrounded by skilled craftsmen, it has created its own colors and patterns. Modelling, injection of other materials, the artist has pushed the material to its limits, and upsets our points of reference. The acetate is then takes for the marble as thin as paper, or for the horn to unevenness organic. In some sculptures, it still seems to imitate the soap. At the heart of the work of the artist, a reflection on the aesthetics of the strata is the starting point of assemblies of materials added to the acetate, such as brass, wood and plaster. Between objects from the decorative arts, totems, abstract and mythological figures, it book a work of almost surreal thought as a dialogue between the different materials.

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