special Envoy to Perpignan

Four hundred american paratroopers dropped over the frozen ground of the Arctic. These soldiers simulate a foreign invasion on the training area of Donnelly, Alaska, located just below the arctic circle. The photo is stunning, almost unreal. It illustrates a reality: the reality of the new geopolitical issues related to the acceleration of the melting of the ice. In the same way that the war in Syria, the influx of migrants to the mexican border or the social crisis in venezuela, the 31st edition of the festival Visa for the image of Perpignan is marked by the environmental problems. Many photographers deal with this year, the subject, aware of the issues that arise.

“Even the best rifles will freeze. The soldiers understand the limits of their body. Here, the air can kill you”

Louie Palu, author of a report in the far North

“What is happening up there will affect our entire planet. The effect of climate change is the most dramatic and the fastest.” Louie Palu is the author of this story in the Great North. For four years, the photographer …

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