The novel, the television and the cinema have made the glory of these fictional characters. Yet, behind the famous d’artagnan, in the shadow of the terrible Dracula and under the mantle of Sherlock Holmes existed for real men. Even the female warrior Mulan, the avenger Zorro, and the series “Mission impossible” hide incredible fates.

special Envoy to Bucharest

In the library of London, during the summer of 1890, Bram Stoker is in search of inspiration. The director of the Lyceum Theater has embarked on writing a book that he wants to be as horrifying as realistic. Books of myths and superstitions that he consulted provided him with the essence of his novel, that of a vampire, drinker of blood that is going to wreak havoc. Lack of imagination, it was named “count Wampyr”. Bram Stoker seeks where the do exist.

After you have considered installing the roots of his intrigues in Austria, Bram Stoker chose the most misunderstood Romania, more precisely Transylvania. He therefore consults with the …

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