Vladimir Putin has supported the nomination of Alexander Drozdenko Governor of the Leningrad region

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the candidacy of Alexander Drozdenko as a possible new Governor of the Leningrad region. He stated this during an online meeting with the head of the 47th region.

“the success of the development of the Leningrad region — is an obvious fact, in a number of key indicators of economic development of the region is ahead of national average growth rates. The growth of gross regional product by 7.1 per cent with 3.8 per cent in Russia, there is an increase in production, the volume of construction. You need to try to keep up this pace,” said the President.

Putin praised and the financial situation of the region focusing on the fact that investments in fixed capital increase, the budget surplus and the debt burden is low.

“For that, I would like to thank you. You have every moral right to claim for a new term at the head of the Leningrad region, but, of course, the final word should be said constituents. I wish you success,” — said Vladimir Putin.

Before that, the President stressed Alexander Drozdenko and weaknesses in the region’s economy — among them a large proportion of dilapidated housing, lack of doctors, experts in the field, lack of medical housing. Putin said the fact that the 202 construction objects in the Leningrad region was recognized as problematic, and more than 70% of treatment facilities in small settlements in need of reconstruction.

we will Remind, earlier it became known that the election of the Governor of the Leningrad region will be held on September 13. On how to vote, read in the material “Rosbalt” in the near future.

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