Vodonaeva and Sobchak remembered Buzova, who supported the LGBT community, a call to vote for the amendment

TV Presenter and singer Olga Buzova in Instagram your expressed support of the LGBT community, criticizing the attitude towards gays in Russia.

meanwhile, a colleague Buzova Alena Vodonaeva caught her duality, remembering what she advocated voting on the amendments to the Constitution, providing for a conservative attitude to the LGBT community.

“Olga, so you’re in favour of the amendments in the Constitution were drowned. There is about the Union of men and women was also,” reminded her Vodonaeva.

Journalist Ksenia Sobchak, too, hastened to respond to the post Buzova: “in the Beginning encouraged to vote for the amendment, and then “supports” LGBT”.

Buzova in his post wrote that “loves” LGBT people, citing the example of such famous people gay as a composer Peter Tchaikovsky, writer Oscar Wilde, choreographer Rudolf Nureyev, singer Freddie mercury, the actress Cynthia Nixon.

Regarding the ban on gay propaganda in Russia Buzova stated that “from childhood was watching the rainbow and a lesbian didn’t.”

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