Voted against the amendments, the Russians are holding

One of the residents of Russia, took part in the vote to amend the basic law of the country, questioned the fact that the amendments approved by such a large proportion of voters — almost 78%. In the online appeal to all “Russian citizens” according to its Creator about the “idea to check how much voted “NO” sign this petition and whether it is comparable to the number of votes” — of 21.27%, which is equal to the expression 15 million 761 thousand 978 people.

“According to feedback from the Network has noticed that “many” Russians “did not support” the amendment, said the man.

According to the author of the petition, which himself “for various reasons” put the ballot marked “no”, “many outraged” by the results of the plebiscite, announced by the Central election Commission, headed by Ella Pamfilova.

Previously, the Internet appeared similar petition, but only to the office of Pamfilova. It urged the Russians “not to be slaves!” and “to prove the incompetence of the CEC and of falsification of results of voting.” Read more here.

as a result of changes to the Constitution, President Vladimir Putin was able to “reset” the time spent at the highest post.

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