VTSIOM: Amendments to the Constitution during the four days of voting was supported by 76% of respondents

76% of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) has supported the amendments to the Constitution during the four days of voting. The exit poll data published on the official website of VTSIOM.

“According to the results of an exit poll by VTSIOM, among the answered questions of interviewers in support of the amendments to the main law of the country voted 76% of Russians. Against the amendments voted according to the exit poll by VTSIOM, the 23.6% of respondents to the question of Russians”, — stated in the message.

These data are as of 21:00 GMT on 28 June the survey involved 163 thousand 124 people.

a nationwide vote on the law on the amendment of the Constitution began on 25 June on the whole territory of Russia. Polling stations will be open until 1 July from 08:00 to 20:00 local time in all regions. Primary election day — July 1.

In connection with the coronavirus developed recommendations for election commissions for the protection of public health. Be sure to measure temperature before entering to the site, the availability of disposable masks and gloves, sanitizer, disposable pens, disinfectant Mat, and markings of social distancing. Members voting must present a passport in expanded form in the distance.

in Addition to the vote before primary day (from 25 to 30 June), the government provided voting outside the premises for voting, non-voting at home, remote electronic voting for a number of regions and voting at the location through the mechanism of “Mobile voters”.

Originally a vote was scheduled on April 22 but it was postponed because of the situation with coronavirus.

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