Karan Oberoi also known by his initials “KO” is a famous personality and well known model from India. Well, definitely if you are a man, surely you would want to have a arms just like him and for a woman, his body attracts you the most. His six pack lines drools you to the extreme level. He is like a second man for every girl. Huge numbers of young men, when they think about their physique; the first thing that pops into their minds is to have a physique just like Karan “KO” Oberoi.

KO started his career as a fashion model and later on switched to fitness modeling and now trying to make his mark some where as an actor. His fitness and killer looks attracts every individual, whether a male or a female. Karan Oberoi is a model to watch out for, his style and fitness attracts everyone around the world. KO is known for his big chiseled arms and everyone wants to know the secret behind those big arms and how to attain them. We pointing few tips that Karan “KO” Oberoi follows that might help you too to have arms like him:

1. Increase protein intake to have arms like Karan Oberoi aka KO. Make sure you take at least 3 scoops of protein shake and eat high protein diet and include food like soya, chicken, fish and sprouts in your diet.

2. Usage of supplement nitric oxide is essential to have pump especially that helps to have great chiseled arms and popping nerves says model Karan Oberoi aka KO.

3. Make sure you do heavy arms workout and do lot of repetitions too, may be around 12 to 15 and minimum 4 sets each for every arm workout that is triceps and biceps.

4.  Choose a weight at which you almost reach muscle failure, but don’t go to failure during your first month.

5. If you want to train your arms, you can’t just train your arms. For starters, doing purely arm-focused workouts every day just isn’t an option – you need to take time between training sessions to let the muscles recover and grow. To progress with your arm exercises you also need to build strength in other parts of the body otherwise some exercises become too tough. And perhaps most importantly of all, having bulky arms hanging off a small torso will look a bit ridiculous.

These pointers if kept in mind can definitely help you to have arms like India’s top male model who is also a top fitness model Karan Oberoi aka KO.