Was rolled out for strip: the victims of the plane crash in India were 16 people, more than 120 were injured (photo)

In India, a rapidly growing number of victims of the crash of passenger airliner of Air India. In less than an hour it two grew to three, then to 11, 14 and finally 16.

the Victims are already 35 and 50, and 123, according to the police.

The deadly plane crash in India today was a repatriation flight operated by the government to bring home Indians stranded abroad due to Covid-19 travel restrictions https://t.co/j5dfrDolVd pic.twitter.com/EP3Sm1F91Y

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) August 7, 2020

the Plane went in flight to Kerala from Dubai with 191 passenger, crashed during a hard landing, after leaving the taxiway. The fuselage of the liner rascals in TWAIN among the dead pilot.

Air India plane splits in two after landing in heavy rain, killing at least 14 and injuring dozens https://t.co/F0GiONP3ty

— TIME (@TIME) August 7, 2020

the CNN report says that this ship took out of Indians stranded in the UAE because of the closed in pandemic boundaries.