TV Presenter Vladimir Solovyov should be fired for insulting the residents of Khabarovsk who came to share their support of the Governor Sergey Furgala under investigation. Petition with this appeal appeared on the portal

far Eastern residents resented what Solovyov called them “drunken trash” broadcast their transmission on Youtube. The author of the petition noted that this case is not unique, when the host was disrespectful to the people of Russia. In particular, he recalls, on may 28, 2019 Solovyov spoke about Yekaterinburg citizens who opposed the construction of the temple in the Park near the drama theatre, calling them “devils” and “goats”.

the other Author of the petition believes that Solovyov should be held criminally responsible for such words. “I think this case is egregious. The man is a media person and allows such things is obliged to bear responsibility according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and to apologize publicly,” he said.

“People go to jail for reposts, and nightingales all over the country offends a large group of people,” said the author.

we Add that the petition to remove Solovyov Federal channels have received almost 150 thousand popisa.

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