After Central election Commission of Belarus withdrew from the presidential election the majority of male candidates, to combine their efforts decided the main candidate on a post of the President of Belarus from the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski, coordinator Victor Babariko Maria Kolesnikova and wife Valery Tsepkalo Veronica.

Girl power!

— The Trevelier (@trevelier) July 16, 2020

“We believe that we are not inferior, we are equal to men and believe that we will win,” said Tsepkalo, RBC. So she answered the statement of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on “the Constitution not under a woman.” According to him, the Belarusian society is not ready to vote for a woman in presidential elections.

At the same time Tikhanovski said that their decision to unite is not related to Lukashenko’s statement. According to her, “happened by itself”.

Recall, her husband is under arrest, Babariko sitting in jail, and Tsepkalo was samotorova of coronavirus.

the Presidential elections in Belarus must pass 9 Aug. Lukashenko handed over the documents to the CEC for him, this is the sixth presidential term.

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