We will present a complex digital solutions for agribusiness for the

the Company of the Company for the third consecutive year will be the General partner of “Russian field day”. This is the main forum of the Russian agriculture, it aims to real field conditions to demonstrate domestic farmers new machinery, new types of fertilizers and integrated solution in the field of crop management, developments in the field of breeding of agricultural crops.

“the all-Russian field day” will be held from 9 to 11 July 2020, in the Bryansk region. Events will be held not only in the traditional format, but on the online site russianfieldday.ru.

We will present an updated range of nitrogenous, phosphoric and complex mineral fertilizers with the improved ecological characteristics. Also by tradition, the company provides mineral nutrition of all crops “all-Russian field day”, including an extensive demonstration area with selection achievements. Agronomists “PhosAgro-Region” (the leading Russian chain of distribution of mineral fertilizers), together with the experts of Bryansk State agricultural University conduct agronomic support for all fields of the exhibition until the completion of the demonstrations.

On the forum We will present the virtual exhibition “From ore to food”, devoted to the reproduction of soil fertility and mineral nutrition of plants based on new grades of NPK fertilizers PhosAgro containing eight nutrients in one granule. Farmers can get advice on using fertilizer in different crops and test new digital agronomic services that the company offers the industry’s first online platform for the sale of fertilizers.

“Agriculture has passed the most acute phase of the pandemic, much better than a number of other sectors of the economy, and this doubtless merit of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia on the organization of the regional headquarters. The effectiveness of antiviral measures made it possible to abandon the traditional field of exhibition format. On the other hand, the epidemiological situation has led to active transition APK to online communications. I’m sure the online format “Russian field day” this year will be a shining example of effective work of heads of regions, agricultural producers, technology providers, experts and media in the digital regime,” — said General Director of the Company, the President of the Russian Association of fertilizer producers Andrey Guriev.

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