On Monday, over the northern half of the country, the sky will be quite cloudy in the morning and a few showers will circulate over Brittany, while stormy showers are expected from the Massif Central to the North-East, forecasts Météo France.

In the afternoon, the stormy activity will strengthen over Alsace Lorraine with slightly more showers and thunderclaps accompanied by gusts of wind.

From the tip of Brittany to Flanders, the sky will remain gray with some rain. From the Pays de Loire to the Ardennes the weather will be brighter but some showers will still be possible.

From Aquitaine to the South-East, beautiful clearings will manage to develop, apart from the Gulf of Lion where low clouds will remain present. In the afternoon, stormy showers will fall on the Alps and on the Corsican relief. A few showers will affect the Pyrenees.

Minimum temperatures will be between 11 and 16 degrees in general. The maximum will show 20 to 25 degrees over a northwest quarter, and 24 to 29 degrees over the rest of the country.

Here are the temperatures recorded at 4 p.m. followed by the minimums expected tonight:

Brest : 20/14  

Cherbourg : 19/13  

Clermont-Ferrand : 29/12  

Perpignan: 23/16

Rennes: 27/14

Limoges : 26/15  

Marseille : 26/15  

Nantes: 27/14

Bordeaux : 29/16  

Nice : 21/15  

Small: 27/16

Toulouse : 28/16