Weekend in St. Petersburg: parks, exhibition of cats and Nabokov reading

That the summer months are behind us, and finally we return to the old life. This time, the “Rosbalt” has prepared for you a selection of both online and offline events.

the Park “oaks” in Sestroretsk

Those who are already impatient to stay at home, we are happy to announce the news that some parks of St. Petersburg has resumed work. Among them, Park “oaklets”, named after the oaks, planted by Peter I himself.

the Sun and the air, sea and cozy beaches, romantic alleys and fun playgrounds, the excitement of the fans in the stands of the sports complex and holiday spirit — all this is a wonderful Park “oaklets” in the Resort area. He is famous not only for the stunning beauty of the natural landscape in any season, but multiple objects of culture and sports, the recovered and new. Come and see for yourself!

an Online exhibition of cats

Russia held the first multi-format online exhibition of cats. The exhibition will involve world-class experts from Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Brazil and South Africa. Guests will be representatives of the leading felinological systems — world cat Federation, the Association of cat fanciers Association cat Clubs and the International Union of cats.

Experts will evaluate more than 800 dogs and cats, forty species. Two day online show brought together exhibitors and visitors from Russia and foreign countries.

Every ring will be broadcast in a separate web account with shared access: the audience will be able to see the examination and to hear the judges comments with the world online.

Veterinarians and cat breeders will tell you how to choose a kitten and to properly care for it. Children can learn about how to properly feed and care for their Pets, how to better understand their behavior.

the Most determined guests will be able to get a kitten immediately after the consultation and all the necessary for hisabout the content: food, treats and accessories.

on July 4 and 5 to connect to the live broadcast on the official website of the event.

Park “Monrepo” in Vyborg

we Advise you to visit another famous, once famous as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, the Park of mon repos. The combination of unusual nature and inspired the romance of the landscape Park Monrepo gives a special appeal

In mon repos visited and admired by the people, without which it is impossible to imagine Russian history and culture from members of the Russian Imperial house to Mikhail Glinka and Osip Mandelstam. The list goes on — and almost every name there is a separate Chapter in the history of Russia.

the landscape of the island Tverdysh, which is a Museum-reserve, a unique. According to geologists, the rocks of the island are a powerful enough granite to the surface, and their scenic and unusual terrain, giving plenty of reasons for versions and fantastic legends, formed by a glacier and the subsequent postglacial earthquakes.

the international scientific conference “Nabokov readings — 2020”

on 30 June, “Nabokov readings” was opened with a lecture by Professor Alexander Dolinina “Nabokov in the role of Nabokov: the secret point in the novel, “Lolita.”

July 1, it was possible to observe the round table “Nabokov in the time of cholera” with the participation of leading researchers of creativity and the author’s biography. July 2, held a presentation of new naukovedenie publications. July 3, according to plan tours of the Museum-estate “Rozhdestveno” and the meeting with Vladimir Nabokov’s biographer Brian Boyd, who will answer questions from the audience.

And on 4 July there will be a screening of the documentary “My Nabokov”, the filming of which was attended by relatives of the writer, and the reading of the story of Nabokov’s “Spring in Fialta” performed by well-known writers and cultural figures.

Open broadcast online events of the conference will be held on the YouTube channel of the Pushkin House.

Villa Reno in the Resort area

Another beautiful, yet not very popular among tourists place — Villa Reno in komariv.

the Wooden cottage was built in the early XX century. It was built for the merchant Ivan Chizhov. The complex included a Park with fountains, ponds and a gazebo. In 1917, land was acquired by the Frenchman Emile Reynaud, but due to the outbreak of events, his family wasn’t living here — she was forced to leave.

Now anyone can walk through the beautiful wooden path among small ponds and waterfalls, exploring the stands of local flora and fauna.

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