Asako I & II , a drama of Ryüsuke Hamaguchi, 1: 59

Student japan, Asako has lived a love story passionate with Baku, until the young man disappears. Two years later, she meets Ryohei, who looks exactly like Baku. They settle down together, living a comfortable routine and a bit dull. But the past of Asako resurfaced when she discovers the face of Baku, which became a model, on a huge poster. And causes an earthquake in his heart.

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Asako, in its different versions, is a beautiful character, judge Eric Neuhoff. His silences speak volumes. It outlines a pout slight, and all the regrets of the world are popping up on his face. There is something almost proustien in this Vertigo upside down. The first love never fades out. Everything that follows is the echo. Ryüsuke Hamaguchi ( Senses ) films this palimpsest with a grace, a sweetness and a purity reminiscent of Gymnopedie of Erik Satie.

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Welcome to Marwen , a drama from Robert Zemeckis, 1h56

a Victim of amnesia after having been savagely attacked, Mark Hogancamp as therapy, launches in the construction of the replica of a belgian village during the Second world War. It sets the stage for the figurines of the people in the id to his family, his attackers or himself. Itself has its double heroic, a fighter pilot.

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The approach of”self-help” of the hero is the true subject of the film, and Zemeckis treats it brilliantly, says Marie-Noëlle Tranchant. It passes from the cruel reality in his metamorphoses, the heroic with ease. The year is never weighed down by the demonstration: the director is careful not to exploit agreeably to the themes societal in vogue that the film contains. The film is also visually very creative, with the use of “performance capture” to represent the dolls that populate the fantastic world invented by Mark.

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You can see

A beautiful rogue , a police comedy of Lucas Bernard, 1h44

Charles Berling, commissioner on the verge of retirement, is on the trail of a thief of tables, aliases, Swann Arlaud (the farmer by Hubert Charuel). The idea of starting this first feature film is original, but not mastered until the end. Well played, the film fishing for a scenario, shaky, and too many implausibilities to hold the attention of the public.

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Who killed Lady Winsley , a drama of Hiner Saleem, 1h38

The inspector Fergan, who came to Istanbul, landed on a small island in the Bosphorus to investigate the murder of an american novelist, specialist of the kurdish issue. Only clue: a drop of blood fell on the eye of the victim. DNA tests allow the detective to enter into the lives of the islanders, all more or less parents and reluctant to reveal family secrets.

Hiner Saleem like pasticher the genre films. His crime comedy, hushed, eyeing the side of Agatha Christie. It lacks a bit too much terrain and pace, but distils a charm with a twist of humor, friendly.

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Never-ending man: Hayao Miyazaki , a documentary Kaku Arakawa, 1 hour and 10 minutes.

In January 2015, two years after he announced that he will retire, the master of japanese animation has agreed to receive his friend of fifteen years, Kaku Arakawa. It was decided to follow the camera to the shoulder in his daily life, his home and studio Ghibli, which he founded with Isao Takahata in 1985.

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through this documentary, divided into several chapters, to Advance, always advance, Hayao absorbs the energy of youth, Leave… – up to the decision of Miyazaki to introduce a new feature-length animated film, Kaku Arakawa paints the portrait of a “man who never stops”. And sign a tribute blur in the movie, but admiring and respectful, according to Nathalie Simon.

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Undercover-a true story , a police officer Yann Demange, 1h51

In Detroit, in the 1980s, a teen becomes a drug dealer and informant for the police. In the role of the father arms dealer, Matthew McConaughey wears the mustache of always convincing. In the role of the grandfather, one is happy to see Bruce Dern. Otherwise, there is nothing new under the sun this narco polar poorly dosed.

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● First Holiday , , comedy by Patrick Cassir, 1h42

Marion (Camille Chamoux) and Ben (Jonathan Cohen) make acquaintance on a dating site and decide to go on holiday together. The objective of the authors? Prove that the daily kills the feelings. We get bored under the sun Bulgarian. Dialogues lazy – “poo poo, this is the life” -, skits, assigned and directed pataude. Strongly Easter!

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