Well-known lawyer suspected that Wheely wants to get away from debt investors

Shortly before the decision of the Meshchansky district court about the termination of the Moscow service of premium cars Wheely 90 days on the portal vc.ru appeared the appeal of the head of the company Wheely Anton Chirkunov.

the appeal Chirkunov says that a claim to a Wheely from the Department of transport illegal: “the Department of transport has no legal authority in the transportation market orders (at the Federal level, we are regulated by the Rostransnadzor)”.

the Appeal said well-known lawyer and author of Federal and regional laws in the field of taxi, IRU international expert on the law of taxi and transportation by order of Stanislav Shvagerus, catch Wheely in the desire to get away from debts to investors: “it seems that all these mistakes Willie (Wheely — ed.) is allowed in order to provoke an administrative decision of the authorities to suspend the activities of the company. This will allow nice to get away from debts to investors”.

the proof Stanislav quotes from the Federal law of 06.10.1999 N 184-FZ, article 26.3. subparagraph 12, paragraph 2, on the organization of transport service of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. According to this law, the authorities of each entity have the authority to resolve issues in the field of taxi in its sole discretion.

it Turns out that the requirement of the Department of transport on the transfer of data to ARNIS to control the epidemiological situation justifies a Federal law and not contrary to it, which in turn try to challenge lawyers Wheely.

“Lawyers Wheely questioned the principles of organization of state power in the Russian Federation”, — writes on this Shvagerus.

the Company argues its refusal to transmit data that the Federal law has no matching requirements. This thesis in the comments under the petition said one of the users vc.ru “Regional legislation clarifies Federal — Federal WestRETA to the transfer of such data, but there is no requirements, regional legislation imposes such a requirement”.

the Treatment is applied in the key risk of the transmission of customer data, but even in the comments under the column, users questioned this.

“Every hamster thinks his DD is worth millions, and companies right in the queue behind them, and for the bodies so he did the Ghost, especially with its free VPN. And undoubtedly afraid that some kind of DMV will see where he went, absolutely not worrying about what almost every app in his smartphone knows much more intimate details of his life. Centuries have any gebni, not necessarily bloody, was always very playful feature: if necessary, to find and without the data from a Wheely. Mister Chirkunov, in turn, has been the most common populism under the guise of concern about the alleged privacy of its customers,” reads one of the comments.

the review also suggested that the Wheely violates the law of the Russian Federation in terms of personal data storage and stores the data of Russian clients abroad, not in Russia.