Western experts talked about

the Experts noted that the actions of the GRU staff (now Chief of the General staff of the armed forces) is often “contrary to the official policy” of Moscow.

according to CNN, the head of the Asia division at International crisis group Laurel Miller commented on the article in The New York Times that military intelligence of the Russian Federation has reportedly asked the militants in Afghanistan to kill American military.

Miller noted that GRU may be involved in the scandal around the “Russia’s collusion with the Taliban” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), as has already been repeatedly involved in political scandals. However, this time, if the operation of the Russian intelligence was indeed, it contradicts the position of the Kremlin.

As the expert explained, the Russian foreign Ministry has always expressed hope for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan, so such action GRU would be too provocative.

meanwhile, Vice-President for research of the Carnegie endowment’s Andrew Weiss believes that GRU is behaving like “arrogant and careless player” and can act independently from the Kremlin.

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