The acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, PRINCE2, is regarded as one of the de facto methodology processes that can raise the quality of project management. The software methodologies are considered so good in fact, that the UK Government itself endorses it. It is also widely used in the private sector, making it one of the best project management tools.

What’s the history of PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 was first established back in 1989 by the CCTA or Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency). It has since been renamed the Office of Government Commerce of OGC. PRINCE2 from then has gone on to become one of the most preferred methods of software project management, creating smoother workflows and making it simpler to handle large assignments.

What difference does a certified PRINCE2 bring to the table?

If you’re looking to become a certified PRINCE2 practitioner, then you need to know the value you could bring to potential employers:

  1. First and foremost, it can bring a world of difference to any individual who is seeking to improve their employment prospects and management technicalities. The software teaches you end-to-end project management so you can complete your work with a better allocation of resources. You’ll also be able to mitigate risks and bring in a flexible technique to your workspace.
  2. Directors and executives, too, can improve their technical skills and implement an effective strategy for their project management tasks. It allows you to understand the various nuances and principles of the course and use it to your advantage. Organizations can work with synergy across countries and continents and ensure there’s a better understanding among all the teams involved.
  3. PRINCE2 is a great asset as it can also be implemented in various sectors, including senior management, operations, IT, and more. PRINCE2 is a versatile course that allows you to implement it effectively in your career, regardless of the function that is involved.

What does the revised version of PRINCE2 bring?

AXELOS, which is the committee responsible for managing PRINCE2 and its methodologies, released a revised version of the software in 2017. The older method, published in 2009, had gone through a slew of minimal changes to ensure better implementation. Some of these changes include:

  • Improvement of management products
  • Improvement to certain parts of the text
  • Ensuring the manual text reads out politically correct, especially when it comes to engaging Agile.

The most significant update to the revised PRINCE2 foundation training program was the improvement of the tailoring section. As many people do not understand PRINCE2 properly, they do not know the power of tailoring that comes with it. This misunderstanding is what the committee wanted to clear with their new update.

The new manual teaches you how to perfectly tailor and edit each part of the methods being implemented instead of just casually mentioning the principle. It keeps reminding you about its importance, so you do not overlook its importance. PRINCE2 is also practical for normal users as well and will work better for them.

High-level implementation of tailoring methods:

The newly included notes on the tailoring methods are generic and high-level to simplify it for you. They’ve removed holistic approaches to allow more effortless synchronization of ideas and remind you of the importance rather than keep showing you the way. These changes also make it so much simpler for the audience to start using it in any new project management module.

The training organizations can update their classroom and e-learning courses, with the lessons present in the manuals to improve their systematic approaches to project management.

How do you new PRINCE2 certification?

To get yourself a PRINCE2 foundation certification, you are required to complete the two courses – Foundation and Practitioner.

The Foundation course tells you all about project management and how you’ll be able to implement the same in your company. You won’t need any prior experience or knowledge on PRINCE2 to begin this, so take it easy and get to learn everything about the course. The Practitioner course is the advanced version where you can use it to teach and isolate parts of the pipeline flow in work management.

With time, you’ll be able to actively make changes to your office workflow and ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to big projects.