There are varying views when it comes to the order of activities done during workout. Some do cardio before weights, while some lift weights before doing cardio. So which is which?

The answer actually depends on the goal you’re trying to achieve.

There is no clear-cut answer to the question of whether it’s better to do cardio exercises before lifting weights or the other way around. The slight difference between the two lies in the fitness benefit they provide.

Though there is no definite answer to which is better between the two methods, one will work better than the other for your fitness goals. Whether you are working out to lose weight, gain muscles, or improve your cardio system, here are tips to help you decide whether to do cardio before weights or the other way around.

Why Warm-Up?

Whichever workout method you decide to adopt later, always begin with a warm-up that can activate your body, like relaxed jogging or stretching actively for a few minutes. Trainer Adam Padgett says this kind of warm-up activates your body and muscles. According to research, warming up for a few minutes can make your pump and reduces injury risk.

Advantages of Cardio-first exercise

1.Improved Cardio Health

Doing cardio while your legs are still fresh will naturally make your workout easier thus, you’ll have more energy to go faster and endure longer than when you do it after strength training. One study revealed that doing one session of resistance training can greatly affect the soreness of your muscle, the pace of your running, and the level of your body’s fuel source during workouts.

2.Enhanced Endurance

If you work out to improve your endurance, you will significantly benefit from putting cardio on top of your list. You will feel an improvement in your cardiovascular health and progress in the length of your workouts. Research published in the Journal of Human Kinetics revealed that those who do strength training first had decreased endurance. So, if you are training for a triathlon or you simply want to improve your heart’s health, do cardio first before your energy wears out.

Advantages of Strength training-first exercise

1.Faster muscle gain

If building muscle is your goal, then strength training should be number one on your workout agenda. In a study released in 2015, it was found that performing aerobics before lifting resulted in decreased performance. Similarly, a study conducted in 2016 showed that prioritizing cardio resulted in decreased muscle strength.

2.More effective in losing weight

Our portal writes that although research has found that heavier exercises burn fewer calories, there’s also no hard evidence that shows that prioritizing one exercise over the other will aide more in your weight loss. But lifting weights first can give you a slight advantage, according to a study performed in 2015 on 30 obese men. Still, both methods of exercise resulted in a significant decrease in body fats and mass in the course of 8 weeks. Learn more about at:

In a nutshell, prioritizing cardio work may cause muscle fatigue while prioritizing strength training causes decreased endurance. However, focusing on either of the two will still give you a good workout.