on Tuesday, the 1st January, the distributor of what is it again God? had organized before-first in the whole of France. The idea? Start the mouth-to-ear before the release of this French comedy, January 30. In front of the Gaumont Opera to 18 hours, the crowd was at the rendezvous. In the great room of Art deco, there was a chair free. Families, bands of friends… All determined to have a good time during the celebration of the end of the year. To hear the bursts of laughter and frequent applause at the end, everyone had a good evening. We also.

WHAT IS IT AGAIN GOD ? [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

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This second installment is even better than the first one released in 2014. The scenario co-authored by Philippe de Chauveron and Guy Laurent is a particularly well-written. Replicas abound. The twists and turns are many. Some scenes like the one between a ham, the dog, Clovis and André Koffi are really funny. Between the racist clichés, the notes franchouillardes and humor, the crest is fine, but the two writers are doing well.

This time, Claude (Christian clavier) and Marie Verneuil (Chantal Lauby) are again catastrophés. Their four daughters and their sons-in-law want to leave France. Odile and David to learn Hebrew, to Israel, Chao and Ségolène dream of Shanghai, Isabelle and Rachid want to become lawyers in Algiers, while Laure and Charles think to settle in Bombay, where Charles wants to pursue a career in Bollywood. André Koffi is also collapsed: her daughter Viviane is going to marry a wife (Claudia Tagbo). In passing, we note that in the Ivory Coast, being lesbian is not obvious.

We find pleasure with Christian clavier in the notary retired, which reads Le Figaro Magazine and improvises in Stéphane Bern when he made a visit to his sons-in-law of the castles of the Loire. At his side, Chantal Lauby in large-desperate mother is still funny. As his daughters and Madeleine Koffi, Marie Verneuil is more clever than the men. Those in take for their grade. Claude Verneuil is also very stubborn, as André Koffi. David Benichou (Ary Abittan) is a moron. Chao Ling (Frédéric Chau) is a coward. Charles Koffi (Noom Diawara) starts to cry when he needed to help his wife.

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Produced by Romain Rojtman, what is it again God? promises to be a great success at the box office. The only question is how many millions of viewers will see it? There is even a small error in the script. Rojtman is the great specialist of comedies in UGC ( Josephine , Teachers , Ducobu …) but it’s probably not a great connoisseur of aeronautics. When the Verneuil returning from Beijing, they are in a A380, that we see flying in the sky and in the interior scenes in the cabin. But when the plane landed at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, it is no longer a A380. This is not serious. It is funny too.

what is it again God? in cinemas on 30 January.