How to make the love of France to those tempted to leave? In the new film of Philippe de Chauveron, what is it again God? , Christian clavier and Chantal Lauby have the answer: it is necessary to show the terroir and the heritage, symbols of a “France forever”. In this case, the action is located in the Centre Val de Loire, “the region of a thousand chateaux”.

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Remember the “pitch” of the film: the four daughters of the couple Verneuil, bourgeois catholic tourangeaux have married the diversity (sons-in-law are jewish, muslim, of chinese origin, and côte d’ivoire). Struggling to earn a living, faced with the prevailing racism, all decide to settle abroad. Much to the chagrin of Verneuil, who will no longer see their daughters, or their grandchildren.

“I have the solution,” said Chantal Lauby, aka Madame Verneuil. It’s going to be the love of France”. And while the retired couple watched on television a program of Stéphane Bern on François the 1st, they decide to make a “grand tour” to their sons-in-law.

“The economic benefits are already here”

This weekend promotion will not pass by the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame de Paris, two iconic monuments often used as decorations in the fictions. The ballad is organized in Chinon – the city where the Verneuil resident -, at Saumur and the château de Chenonceau. Far from a Paris polluted, dangerous, and without an economic future, the Touraine is supposed to do fly with its natural beauty and its historical monuments.

The reasoning, we guess, liked the Area and the Community of communes of Chinon, which are made in four to accommodate the filming. If the production has not received funding from the Centre Val de Loire, the cultural agency, Ciclic has helped the teams, during the four days spent on-site. “After the first That is what we did to God? , some of the tourists who went on the footsteps of Verneuil, and in particular at Chinon, ” says Jocelyn Termeau, responsible for the communication of Ciclic. This time, the economic benefits are already here”.

In the first part, released on screens in 2014 (12 million viewers), the Verneuil had not been much of Chinon (only two planes had been shot) and the city had taken umbrage. This time, a parade was organized, in the streets and the cafés, with the royal Fortress as a backdrop. The former stronghold of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II was not able to attract the small troop in its walls, but it should be seen by millions of viewers (already 320.000 entries in a week).

The journey then continues towards Saumur, located 30 kilometers from Chinon. Known for its school of equitation in the French tradition, the city is presented by Christian clavier as a “city of Culture”. His theatre Nineteenth-does-t-he not a representation of Othello ? The castle of Saumur, the former estate of King René, also appears in the images.

footage filmed by drones

This is especially Chenonceau, residence of Catherine de ‘ Medici, who has the favour of the scenario. The owners of the place refuse in general shooting in the halls of the castle, so as not to disturb the visitors (850.000 per year). The views have therefore been made in the exterior from the gardens of Diane de Poitiers. Sumptuous images were shot by drone, providing an advertisement of a shock to Chenonceau. Clearly, the white building, as well as the famous bridge-gallery overlooking the Cher. “We’ve had what is it was already done to the Good God ?, on 18 may, as a free and” exceptional”, indicates the direction of the castle. Only one condition: the teams were required to lend themselves to good through the requests for photos or selfies of the tourists. What has been done.

Only one small “miss” for the Region, if one can say: while Claude Verneuil announced a final detour by the castle of Azay-le-Rideau, a marvel Renaissance, surrounded by water, the visit will not happen, due to lack of time. A shame, because “it is very beautiful,” insists the father-in-law. The four sons-in-law will be back without a doubt. Because as pointed out their mother-in-law: “According to Wikipedia, it has 3 000 castles of the Loire.”