in The film, he donned often the roles of men’s rights, morality beyond reproach. We have known Kevin Costner in the skin of the incorruptible Eliot Ness, the altruistic Robin hood or even the astute attorney Jim Garrison… film buffs will also remember his role of Frank Farmer, the bodyguard of the pop star embodied by Whitney Houston in Bodyguard . The film could have been a sequel with Lady Di in a leading role, today revealed the actor in Dances with wolves .

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“The producers really liked the idea of making a sequel to Bodyguard ” he said PeopleTV , with Diana in “a role similar to that of Whitney,” said the actor of 64 years. In 2012, Kevin Costner had mentioned the project, saying he had failed to resume his suit for custody of the body in a romance between her character and that played by the princess. The project remained secret for a year, until a first script does him to fall into the hands. It was the 30th of August 1997, the eve of the death of the princess of Wales in a road accident in Paris.

“I remember that Diana was very sweet on the phone. She asked me if we had a scene in which we embrace him”

Kevin Costner

The reconciliation between Kevin Costner and Lady Di has been able to operate thanks to the duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, wife of prince Andrew and sister-in-law of Diana. “I remember that Diana was very sweet on the phone, said the actor. She asked me if we had a scene in which we embrace him. She was a bit anxious because his life was governed by very strict rules.”

Bodyguard was one of the most profitable films of the year in the United States upon its release in 1992. The feature is known to have marked the first steps in the cinema of Whitney Houston. It was adapted into a Broadway musical-comedy twenty years after its theatrical release, the same year that the singer succumbed to a medication overdose in his bathtub.